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A) WebsiteUrlGambling premiumNichePriceTFDALink to Root*Do FollowDelivery
HR Zonehttps://www.hrzone.com/$15HR Business Advice$1003257YesYes7-14 days
Small Biz Clubhttp://smallbizclub.comNABusiness/Start-ups$1002239YesYes14-21 days
Accounting Web UKhttps://www.accountingweb.co.uk/$15Business/Accounting$1002565YesYes7-14 days
Accouting Webhttp://www.accountingweb.com/$15Business/Accounting$1005360YesYes7-14 days
Training Zonehttp://trainingzone.co.uk$15Training/Advice$1004766YesYes7-14 days
Teton Gravityhttps://www.tetongravity.com/$15Adventure Sports$1005367YesYes7-14 days
Daily Koshttp://www.dailykos.com$15News/Politics/Business$100 6290YesYes7-14 days
STACKhttp://www.stack.com$15Health/Fitness$100 4760NoYes30-90 days
Newsblazehttp://newsblaze.comNAVarious/News$1005269NoYes7-14 days
Today Parentinghttp://community.today.com/$15Parenting$1002994YesYes7-14 days
Blasting Newshttp://us.blastingnews.com$15Various/News$1002657YesNo7-14 days
Seeking Alphahttps://seekingalpha.com/$15Investing/Finance$754190YesNo30-90 days
Smart Data Collectivehttp://smartdatacollective.comNATechnology/Big Data$752559NoNo21-28 days
Self Growthhttp://www.selfgrowth.com$15Self Help/Business/Lifestyle$504970YesNo7-14 days
Investing.comhttp://www.investing.com$15Finance/Investment$507461NoNo7-14 days
Sportskeedahttp://www.sportskeeda.com/N/ASports/games$503048YesNo7-14 days

Budget Website List

A) WebsiteUrlNichePriceTFDADo FollowDelivery
BuzzFeedhttp://buzzfeed.com/News/General$355792No14-21 days
Mediumhttps://medium.com/General$358492No14-21 days
Instructableshttps://www.instructables.com/General/How To's$353987No14-21 days
All Women's Talkhttp://allwomenstalk.com/Women's/General Advice$355155Yes14-21 days
The Signal SCVhttp://community.signalscv.com/Local News$355051Yes14-21 days
Storeboards Blogshttp://xxx.storeboard.com/blogsBusiness blog$351348Yes14-21 days
Red Gagehttp://www.redgage.com/User Generated Content$351842Yes14-21 days
OnMogulhttps://onmogul.com/Entrepreneurship$352841Yes14-21 days
OlderIsWiserhttps://www.olderiswiser.com/General Advice/Opinion$352432Yes14-21 days
Seeking Alpha Blogshttps://seekingalpha.com/Financial Advice$354190Yes14-21 days
Wordpresshttps://wordpress.com/Blogging$356199Yes14-21 days
BizSugarhttp://www.bizsugar.com/Business blog$356758Yes14-21 days
Link inquiry form
Enter your URL and anchor text requirements and choice of sites from the list. Get a resposne within 24hrs!

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