How to get edu backlinks for SEO

How To Get EDU Backlinks For SEO

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Educational sites, or EDU sites, for short, are university run and maintained sites, and as such are some of the most trustworthy backlinks that a page can garner. The reason why this is so, comes from the fact that these universities usually don’t link to sites that are questionable. Their information is usually about the education facility, or about studies that fit into a particular niche that the university offers graduate and postgraduate studies in. Having an EDU in your backlinks can be amazing for your trust score as well as for giving you privileged access to unique marketing opportunities. So how do we use the clout of EDU sites to help us build our link profile and our authority score? There are a number of different ways we can approach the problem, but we have to consider what we’re doing and how it works in reference to our specific business.

Leveraging White-Hat College Discounts

According to Refuel Agency students in colleges have access to a whopping $523 billion in spending power. Getting access to a ready market like that is as simple as setting up what can be seen as white-hat backlinks, simply by offering a college student discount. For any business that has a product that a college student can use, creating specific marketing around a college student discount allows you special access to that’s college’s website in order to promote. And yes, that college’s website is an EDU site. Once you manage to hash out the details with the college itself it’s a unique opportunity to not only increase your authority score but to direct your marketing at college students for a product they probably need anyway. It’s a win-win situation.

Creating Authority Through Research

The link between authority content and EDU backlinks

Authority content will get you EDU backlinks

Research in a field is powered by funding from companies that benefit from that research. Doing the legwork to get that research done is not enough, however. By developing a study and using it to build authority, you open your publication up to other related educational institutions which can then, in turn, cite your research in their literature reviews. This means that you generate organic backlinks from people who agree with your study as well as those who disagree with it. The publication with all its graphs and figures is only a half of the overall story here. In order to build off this research, you must take your conclusions and put them in a more palatable fashion for the average reader. Sure, scientific institutions love your study, but those aren’t the people buying your product, even though they provide the lion’s share of your authority. You have to bring this knowledge into a readable format for the average person. You should always remember the American Press Institute’s study that showed that roughly 60% of Americans only skim the headline and not the story. Those people aren’t going to be reading the long, dry body text of a study any time soon.

Using Your Authority

Authority content backlinks

Why authority matters in SEO

All this buildup to develop an audience and high-quality authority links can’t just be squandered. It’s here that the true art of marketing comes into play. Applying what you’ve done before to build your expert status on a topic allows you to now produce content that can be built on the “Best Of…” basis. The style of the articles will obviously differ from that of affiliate marketing, but the end result should be the same. By consistently creating good content that focuses on the niche that you’ve built for yourself, you can drive a lot of traffic to the content you create, simply because the reputation you’ve cultivated exists. This reputation needs to be maintained and protected, and so you must keep this in mind when creating your content.

Authority Counts for Something

Edu backlinks and SEO

Edu backlinks rely on authority building

For a site that is seeking to drive high-authority traffic and to benefit from it, the reputation of that site is of tantamount importance. Moz even says that Domain Authority can be used as a ranking strength of a site over time. Getting EDU sites in your backlink profile is such an important endeavor because of how important it is to the overall longevity of your reputation in this particular niche. They allow you to build on something that can eventually affect your site’s performance over time. Once the content keeps rolling in, being the authority site in a niche is almost guaranteed to get the traffic you want from the places you want. The hardest part is maintaining that authority through strategic posting on the topic.

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